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How I deal with anger…

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Anger Management

See when I get myself into one of those discussions where it is quite heated my instinct wants to punch the other person in then ear.

Then i realise that, that wouldn’t be right so maybe i could just give them a god thump,

then i realise that also aint a good thing to do so

maybe i could throw something across te room in anger

then i realise that that will prolly resuklt in something getting broken

then i breath…

Anger is such a fickle thing most of the time. Rarely is it ever righteous.  Today we live in a society where “Anger Management Courses” are being prescribed left right and center. I should say that its good that the issue is being identified as we have seen the results in the past decades where it has gone untreated.

Its a sad thing though that as humans we have this thing inside us that is inherently bad for us. Most times i have very been angry its been over a stupid level on a computer game, or a driver who doesn’t move off from the lights in the time I expect him to. And thats where its worst – our expectations. We  let our tempers flare wildey when they are not met. We are so quick to jump down the throat of someone quite innocent because  the have not met the, often impossible to meet, expectation that we have created.

So next time you’re a bit miffed with someone – ask yourself  if its justified.


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