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No time No pace

By 24 Feb ’09April 27th, 2009No Comments

I seem to be running around trying to catch up on my news feeds. I’m also waaaay behind on whats heppening on face boo and i dont seem to have a blarney chance of seeing people either.

I have roughly about 40 subscriptions in my google reader page. I also have about 260 friends on my facebook account. I’m trying ti figure out when i am supposed to kee up with it all. Facebook is great – dont get me wrong but I a one of the few who find it a bit overwhelming when it comes tpo follwoing it.  It coul alost be a fulltime job monitoring faceboook.

Couple that with the rss news feeds (click here or here if you dont know what an rss feed is – they rock) its all a bbit too much. How am i supposed to do my job aswell!


Here’s a list of the sites i subscribe to….if you were interested.


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