What the Robinsons have been watching

Watchmen - Movie
Watchmen – Movie

Watchmen – We went to see this l night an it was very very good. Despite not having read the graphic novel i still really enjoyed it.

Reviews had said it i a complicated story in a “Twin Peaks” sort of way. While it was certainly not your run-of-the-mill superheroes story it was incredibly dark and more complex than your usual batman/spiderman story.

One of the things i loved about it was some of the accurate violence. while it was intensely violent some of the scenes were “super-hero” over the top but others were very raw nd real.  This film isn’t afraid to show bones breaking and piercing skin.

I loved how the Dr Manhattan’s use of tele-kenisis was effortless. There was no strain – just an understanding of the laws governing matter and an ability to manipulate that. a step up from Peter Patrellies forced effort to move objects of size-able mass.

All the characters were really strong and well played. It was a 2 hour film where i didnt get bored in the last 45mins. All in all-  a surprisingly brilliant film.

Go see it but know that there is very VERY graphic violence


Jack: 24 - Season 7
Jack: 24 – Season 7

24 – Season 7 – Firstly i need to pay due respects to my wifey type person who, up until lat august had never watched 24 at all. She has managed to watch all of seasons 1-6 since then. We have just recently started watching season 7.

Actually – we watched Redemption first. I thought that was a bit…..wet. Now I dont wanna give away spoilers so forgive me if i’m vague here.

Generally I’m feeling really let down. The best word i can give to season 7, especially when you compare it to previous seasons, is: DULL! . It jus doesn’t have the same edginess and Jack instead of being our Hero feels like a bit of a loser to be honest. I think its down to the idea that he seems to be so far gone from being in touch with humanity.

It is still worth watchin just t see who’s back and in what context – yadda  yadda but be prepared to be disappointed.


Lost Season 4
Lost Season 4

Lost – Season 4: We hae a lovefilm account and this was on our list. I think we put it thee out of interest but not a keen desire to see it. Lost had become such a ridiculous series where the random and obscure just became too much. As a result i wasnt expecting too much from this.

BUT……I’m loving it! It seems the writers have learnt their lesson and have come round to the fact that too much randomness IS a bad thing. It has picked up nicely and the new developments blend themselves well in beginning to explain the complexities of the previous seasons’ random occurrences.

I would even say to those who got fed up with it and gave up – give it another go.

So far so good

Go watch it.


Heroes Season 3
Heroes Season 3

Heroes -Season 3: Thanks to the joys of BBC iplayer we have been able to keep up with Heroes.

Its still good fun but am waiting to see what develops with plot.

I want i to be good. I  am remembering back t that evening a few years ago when i  first watched it online and i watched 6 episodes back to back – got to bed at 5am.

Because of that initial realisation of amazingness i think i’ll always be a fan.



ER – Last Series: Ruth has always been of ER – i think any woman is. Any show thats responsible for delivering a heart-throb will always end up lovin said show.

Anyway – i have always been fond of it but i was never one to run home for it – mind you, these days that concept is almost extinct.

Anyway, again, this lt series has been really great. It was good seeing Mark Green appear earlier in the series as a taster.Can yo believe it has been going since 1994 with a remarkable 14 Seasons! – 14


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