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Paddys Day Woot

By 17 Mar ’09One Comment


And here is another Paddy’s day yet again. I have stuff on tonight which means celebrating today wont exactly be hugely fruitful. We may be going over to see my folks later this eve but we will see. The last few years have been difficult a i haven’t had the urge to celebrate it as much. It’s hard t celebrate your countries patron saint when you live in a different country…unless you live in New York.

As a christian its interesting looking at today. Christianity swarmed the globe when it started to spread. Ireland was a pagan country ruled by various different kingsman ships. The gods of that time were all about “do this & that or else!”. It’s sad to see that Christianity and Catholicism, especially in an Irish context have been twisted over the century’s to hold a similar stance in some points.

When St Pat returned to Ireland as a Bishop it was to spread the word of God because the message was and still is an amazing message of truth, freedom and love. It wasn’t a mission of oppression and taking over. It really is so sad that so many just don’t get it and have misunderstood it so much.

I’ve been reading DUBLIN by Edward Rutherfurd which hasbeen great. Its not supposed to be a fully  accurate historical account but the basics are there and its been a great read so far. Its making me remember my heritage and history. While the writing is ok, I wouldnt read another of his books in a hurry, i’m in it for the content.

This was my entry backin 2006 on Paddys day.

Have some random images from flickr related to St Pat.

St. PatrickSt.Patrick´s statue in some irish gardenColumns2008 Manhattan, Illinois Irish FestChinese Marching BandParadeTruckSt. Patrick´s day pepperoni pizzacrossTemple BarGuinness MascotHappy St. Patrick´s Day!Shamrock2008 Manhattan, Illinois Irish FestIrish WolfhoundGo Irish! Go Green!budweiser clydesdalesDia de San PatricioSkating, St Margaret´s Loch


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