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March 2009

The Weekend

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Jacob  (my nephew) the lil monster with a helmet on. The other pic is even more hilarious as he’s wearing his Dad’s trainers….as you do!



That was a great weekend. While it was packed out and I’m knackered after it, it was still great.

On Friday Ruth and I Had a much needed eve of nowt. We did nothing ad it was grand. Reminds me of the importance of just chilling out with my wife at home. It’s so good and if you dont do it enough…well start doing so.

Sat was spent at HTB on the Alpha UK Strategy Day which was amazing. Its when you go to things like this and realise how wide spread Christianity is it’s a real boost.

Also looks like I have decided to do the London to Brighton Bike Ride. On Sunday we moved Sarah out of the shed at my old flat and into its new home – my sisters garage. I’ll have easier access to it there and should be able to start riding again soon.


In the shed where she was stored for a year.


Brought outside for a wee breath


Settling in her new (more spacious) home

Also Y’day Ruth preached at chruch. It was possibly oneof the most difficult sermons asit was “LUST” and there was aheckler! Weyeh! She did really well and i was very proud of her.