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tunage and photoage

By 20 Apr ’09One Comment

touch meI’m working on sorting out my photos and music.

Over the weekend i managed to clear up my MP3 collection. Over the years i’ve managed to store my music on various different drives. They were not all the same collections either. To sort this i pulled them all onto one drive thus creating alot of duplication on top of the silly duplications i’d made.

After pulling these into iTunes it said i had 34456 MP3’s. Spme albums had du[plicated 6 imes. I had 7 copies of “The Bends”…..SEVEN!?!?!

I have now managed to whittle this down to about 7500. It was an arduous task but well worth it. Was also well wort seeing all the music i listen too and i was able to admire my own taste. Vanity at the up-most but it is my collection so I’m allowed to like it.

Now I’m in the process of sorting through Photos. When i started sorting through th photos a couple of weeks ago I had almost 25000. I’m getting rid of all the crap photos of blurriness and stuff like that. I used to have mentality of keep everything. Even blurry ones. It may come in handy. After sifting hrough over a thousand images i realized that whatever creative outlet might need blurry photos was probably capable of creating an NEW blurry photo should the need arise.

The other plan is to upload them all. There is room on this site for it s I may as well. I can create better galleries now and use the site as an online storage area for them. We will see.


I’ve realised that there seems to be alot of photo duplication and i cant seem to view my RAW images wit adobe bridge…..cretinousnous!


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  • Hehe, I like your thinking about dumping blurry images! I should do the same but it takes so long and I still have lots of room left so I'm not pushed.

    The duplicate mp3 problems does annoy me though. It's especially annoying when a song is on multiple albums. I have loads of copies of Bohemian Rhapsody. There's a handy tool called fslint I must run again to clear up that lot.

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