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twitter madness

By 7 May ’09May 11th, 2009No Comments

I’ve been trying to develop the theme on the site here to be much tidier and to incorporate my twitter feeds in a neater fashion. Its taking a while and i’ve been doing lots of twitter updates without any blog updates. There will be a balance soon.

P l a n e t   C a r a v a n

Ruth and I are off to Henley this eve for a long weekend. We haven’t had a holiday  on our own since our honeymoon so we are long over due.  We are going tdown to stay in my parents Caravan. Wehey we are the BIG spenders. I’m really  looking orwar to beingout of touch with technology and everyone even though i’ll prolly be having tinterweb withdrawl by friday night.

The plan is to read lots, walk lots, snuggle lots, chill-out lots and so on.

I cant wait….

…i wanna go home now….

can i finish work early please????

I’ve been inspired by a few of the blogs i read in how i write. I generally rant and dont eally say much with a point….i should stop doing that. Maybe i can keep the non-point material exclusive to tweets and make my blogs have some substance…. i bore myself.


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