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By 17 Aug ’09September 15th, 2009No Comments

I’ve been thinking more on the development of his site and since my last post abut this I was having another thought.

You can visit my lovely wife’s blog at a subdomain on this site: but i was thinking of maybe combining them. As she is, after all, my wife then why not combine the into one main blog for the two of us. When the kiddies come along they could join in too…..

Below here isa list of ideas fr it that i wanna write down in the site so i dont loose them – i would do so if i wrote it on a scrap of paper.

Cat Images – Photos of Ruth and I together doing stuff. – ideally facial expression!

  • WordPress –
  • Arg – both lookin miffed – sulking
  • Church –
  • Family –
  • Film – eating pop corn
  • Friends –
  • General/Uncategorized – looking bored
  • God / God Stuff –
  • I Laughed – tickling each other
  • Love – the kiss shot
  • N95 / Phone – looking at phone with joy
  • Photos –
  • Private – going shhhhhhh
  • Profound – looking stupidly profound
  • Rides –
  • Sad – looking sad
  • Techie –
  • Tunage – headphones bot of us
  • Tweet –
  • Video –
  • WooYaa – going oooooooh/holding alternate sigs saying woo and yay
  • Work –
  • Geek-tastic – geek out
  • Holidays – tent
  • Reviews – looking estudious


Twitter integration  – needs to be able to link in to multiple twitter accounts twitter users may help

facebook integration – needs to be able to link in to multiple facebook accounts read: smashing mag’s article on this


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