BSOD 0x07B

Yesterday was one of those where technology failed me over and over. At work for some unknown reason our Internet connection died. This left us without any connection so I hooked up my mobile with the intent that i’d use that as a modem which worked – kinda! The problem being that when i do this, sometimes they just dont agree with each other and then both of them lock up an freeze and function much like a breeze block would if you were trying to use it for the same reason. This happened most of y’day afternoon which brought on much frustration.When they would work the connection is a 460K connection which is pitifully slow when used to an 8mb connection. this also added to the general frustration. Then my battery on my phone started to die. It would seem that when you are using your phone as a modem via usb a N95*GB cant charge fast enough o i had a constant battery alarm going off also.

Later on I was coming to the end of a project in work. At 4:30 i needed to render out what i’d done and put it to DVD. It was only a 6min piece which was taking 30mins to render except for the fact that I’d received a “General Error” on the last second. We had a courier for over night delivery on stand-by who was really great and patient but when I went through this about 10 times until i gave up and left for home.

That eve we were baby sitting. I got to our place with 5mins to spare and picked up Wifey and we drove around. I had brought the laptop home with the hope that i could do more research on some stuff. I connected no problem at our friends house but after 20mins  their wireless router kicked me off – I was not a happy chappy.

I wonder how i would really cope if all technology suddenly stopped working. I really do rely on tech stuff an alarming amount.

How much do you rely on techie items?

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