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Robyn’s been hurt!!!

By 3 Oct ’09One Comment

 _IGP7578There i was in a waking up haze standing in front of the toilet bowl doing “the business” when i heard from out  side the low drawl of a diesel engine coupled with a man’s voice shouting: “WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOOOAAAA STOOOOP!” and then a crunch!

My immediate thought was that i’d parked the car across the street rather than the usual space and so it would have been in the direct line of sight for a lorry collision. As i was in the middle of…um…something…. i couldn’t run out and see. Once i was able i rushed to the window in the living room to see. The trees obscured my vision but everything looked ok. I then went to the bedroom to find wifey looking out the bedroom window. I told her i though it looked ok but she said she thought she’d noticed the trim was gone from th car door.

I took a look. At first it seemed ok but then between te gusts of wind moving the branches i saw tha she was right. The trim was gone. The next gust made my heart sink – it revealed a long silver scratch along the door. The Car is red and no amount of any silver colouring belongs there so i donned some jeans and shoes and went out to investigate.

Once on the street the damage was very obvious. They tore a hole in the bodywork… if cars could bleed then she’d be in a right mess needing many many stitches – see the image gallery below.


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