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October 2009

Cool thingy of the day

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I love when people make reallt creative graphics – i could spend all day long looking through galleries and galleries of graphic design work. I love this stuff!

An Affordable DLSR Rig

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This is an affordable DLSR rig by indiSystem. WHile it’s not as pretty as the Redrock Micro or Zacuto Systems, it still holds a good level of versatility and most importamtly at a fraction of the cost. I would like to see them to expand it out to have Monitor/Battery and weighted mounts.

I really want a video capable DSLR and one of these rigs!


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This morning was cold yet again when i set out. I need to find my gloves. My bro bought me some last year when we went out to fly his big sail kite thingy. They are ace. My feet were also cold the other night. brrr

Double Twist

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iTunes is a great MP3 player but it comes with a lot of bloated software that alot of people don’t want/need/use. It also will only let you use an iPod or iPhone to sync to.


DoubleTwist Website

I just found DoubleTwist which is an alternative that has all the pros of iTunes but none of the cons. I don’t own an iPhone – I don’t want to own an iphone. I love my nokia and believe in a lot of ways it out performs apple’s offering but i do want to be able to sync my phones content with ease. I think i will be downloading this later today and installing and ridding my machine of iTunes messiness.

Happy Birthday SIS

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[RFEE3 ELSHAN ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ]

I have the honour of being a sibling to an amazing wman. My sister Sandra celebrates her birthday today. I love her very much. She is a very cool woman. She is strong and inspiring. She has amazin faith and integrity. She’s a great Mother and wife and sister.

Hapy Birthday Sandra!