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Techie – the worst hosting company ever!

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If you are looking for a hosting company my advice to you would be to steer clear of

We use them at work and are in the process of quickly trying to find a new host. For the past 6-9 months our emails have been on the blink. I have an auto send/receive on my outlook set to fetch mail every 10 mins. Only 1 in 10 attempts is successful. We also went with UK2 because of their promise of 100% up time of their servers and sites – this was just a plain lie -lets list their inadequacies:

  • Promise of 100% up time – no host can promise this its completely impossible to do so.
  • System was down for an evening without warning when it was scheduled.
  • When system was brought back up they did not restore our media folder which was the biggest folder on our server with alot of client videos on there.
  • Mail system has been working at about 10% for past 9 months
  • Small scale video streaming has never really worked when we were promised it would.
  • the past fortnight our email has been getting worse
  • We had to find out from their website that they are changing their servers.
  • They never contacted us to let us know there might be a disruption.
  • No offer of compensation has been made from them
  • Now with half our email accounts not working it is impossible to contact them through the website. I went to their support pages and where there was a portal to either email them or to have a live web-chat there is just a honking great big blank space!!!!: uk2donnet
  • Their front page states NOTHING about the issues they are having and they are some maaaaaajor issues. They must be if they have disable the support contact features. This must be down to increased numbers of customers trying to contact them.

If a company was to every give classes in HOW NOT TO RUN A BUSINESS then UK2 would surly win. We have been disgusted at their FAILsome ethics and practices and i strongly recommend everyone avoids them, and if you are in contract with them – i think they have broken the contract agreements in such a laughable manner that any court would have them become your own personal bellboy the troubles they have so ridiculously inflicted on all its customers.

I hope they come to their senses soon. I hope God blesses them and their upper management and gives them some wisdom as they reeeeaaaally need some.


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