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I am awaiting reciept of my 3rd Nokia N95 8GB. About a month ago i got fed up with the phone locking up on me and not functioning as it should so i rang Orange and told them i was having problems. They went through some diagnostics and confirmed that the phone said it had a fault on it. They arranged for a new one to be delivered the following day – sorted.

or so i thought!

This second phone arrived and seemed ok at first. But i soon discovered a rather irritating issue with it. On a few calls to my wifey the soud would cut out. I assumed that this was her phone as it had been buggy but then it started to happen while on the phone with other poeple. The sound would cut out for about 3 to 10 seconds each time and it would do so every 3 – 5 minutes.

I also found that the same thing would happen while listenihng to music. I have a set up in the car where by i can link up the phone to the stereo and listen to tunes or podcasts and take calls and the like. The same sound cut was happening with the music. This was really frustrating. There I’d be cruising down the motorway getting down and diggy along to some tune and and then my thunder would be stolen by the sound cutting out!!! When i was listening to an audio book i would be missing some key words in the story and it started becomeing really really annoying.

Soa couplke of Fridays ago i rang orange again and told them abouot the issue. The chap on the phone this time was a little more reluctant to help me. I explained the problem and he suggested the follwoing:

  1. Reset the phone with one of the nokia reset codes – this would reset the software and should cure the issue.
  2. Check what version of the software i was running and upadate it if possible.

I did the first one and found that there was no difference what so ever except i had to go through the rigmarole of having to resync and resetup my phone the way i like it.

I then did the second one and updated the software only to have the same usless result and waste of time incur. I was not happy and yesterday i rang orange again and told them what had been happening.

I am now waiting for my 3rd phone. I’m a little worried as i really like these phones and i dont want them to have made them rubbish with the updates. This has been known to happen. I will let you know what happens and whether this next one actually works this time.


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