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How’s this gonna look?

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Philipians: 2 v1-11

So this morning i had yet another comment from another Christian on my “What Jesus Did” video on YouTube. Now I have no problem in people offering criticisms on my video content but i am starting to get a little irritated when other Christians start throwing down negative comments that neither help the cause of the video and bring down the overall view of Christians.

When i was not a christian one of the things that really hacked me off about Christians and made me think that the christian church was a complete joke was the fact that Christians are always arguing amongst themselves. Religion would always get in the way. Pride would get in the way. Now that i am a Christian i find myself really having to make an effort to not be lured in to a debate on theology when the outcome or the subject at hand really does not matter.

With this video I’ve had a few comments suggesting that I’m not giving Jesus enough respect, or that i’m not telling the entire gospel message, or that I’m belittling what my Saviour has done.


People are entitled to their opinions and I am more than happy to discuss these matters and be challenged on my attitudes. In fact i welcome the challenge as i believe we constantly need to be re-evaluating our beliefs and why we believe them so that we can appreciate the gravity of why we became Christians in the first place.

HOWEVER!!!!!! – How, When & Where that is done is really important.

I wish these guys would consider sending me a private message with their concerns rather than starting a public debate in the comments threads thus solidifying the opinions of others who think the above – That Christianity is a joke cause Christians just cant agree on stuff.

I was keen for this film to spark a thought and if it makes people think further about Jesus then it is a success.

As I write this the number of views this vid has had on YouTube is: 16,604 – Not a huge number but when you think about the number of people who have watched this film that do not know Jesus. If this video made them think about Jesus for even a fleeting second during that day and then they remember this video at other times and think oh Him again…well them that makes the effort in making this video worth it.

I speak from experience here. When i was not a christian and i passed a church or saw something related to Jesus it would make me think. Not every occasion made me re-digest where i though my life was going or made me re-evaluate me belief system but on some occasions it did and i would remember fleeting moments where i had though about stuff.  For the most part I was usually not interested and would not think about it. On alot of occasions i would feel threatened by it or unnerved or made to feel uncomfortable about it.

So I will respectfully take on board the criticisms and feedback form other concerned Christians but i do wish they would think twice as to who is also going to see their comments and how those comments will be interpreted by others who have not been lucky enough to have Jesus rock their world.

With that in mind i think the above verse comes in to play in the following respect: I want others to challenge me on this stuff. I want them to offer feedback and opinions. I want to be made to re-think.

I also want those doing so to be thinking just as hard about it as i do and will do and about how it will look to others who may be watching in the background.

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