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Where do computers go when they die?

By 15 Dec ’09One Comment

Shot-MacbookThis poor chap had his macbook shot! Clicky to read the article

I’ve had a few tragedies when it comes to computer deaths. In fact i was only going to mention one but then as I thought i couldn’t figure out which one to tell so I’ll regale a few:

  1. The Flash Poof – This was the most drastic occurrence.I remember during the machine on and it was completely dead. The power supply had died completely. I went to my drawer of knerd-knacks and found an older one so i chucked it in to the machine. What I failed to do was to check the power of it. It was only a 150W PSU. The one that had just died was 600W. When i hit the power switch the whole machine flashed, whizzed popped and poofed with smoke. I crapped myself. The surge took out 4 Hard Drives, 2GB of Ram & the CPU.
  2. The iPod Fryer – a bout 2 years ago I bought a new PC case with the intention of turning my old workhorse PC in to a mega media centre. The case i bough had an inbuilt iPod dock on the front of it which was great. It was really convenient. I’m sure you can guess what happened. I cabled the thing up wrong and when i fired the thing up – it fired up the ipod – literally. A massive bubble on the front of the plastic fascia appeared and then the iPod never worked again…
  3. BSOD – I’ve had countless PC’s die with the Blue Screen Of Death. I can count at least 7 occasions I can remember where i had to do a reinstall of Windows.
  4. The Dead for no Reason Dead – My admin PC just wouldn’t power up one day. I checked everything, swapped bits to check them and every individual component worked in other machines but together: nowt – It was an old machine so stuff got salvaged and the bard & CPU got trashed.
  5. Workhorse goes Bye Beep – Most recently was the death of the main work horse. I booted it and it did some weird BIOS beeping thing. After months of trying to figure  out whats happening i eventually decided to bring the thing in to the office and donate it to our IT guy to see if he can salvage it in to a powerful office machine. We don’t need it any more but it served me well during my free-lance days.

All this makes me wonder if I have been woefully unlucky or just crap at looking after my machines.

What’s YOUR worst pooter mishap????


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  • Ruth says:

    At least some of these frying stories means you’ll be a handy man to have around post Judgement Day….who needs John Connor?!

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