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Thankful for my Health

By 17 Dec ’09April 16th, 2010No Comments

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My Health

There is an ironic theme today because as i write this i am feeling really l ill with a horrible chesty cold and a really bad sore/seizing throat and yet i am being thankful for my health! In context i’m thankful that generally i am healthy. Over the past week i’ve heard that two people my friends know passed away with Cancer which is so so very very sad.

Our bodies are really so fickle with such a delicate balance of temperatures, chemicals, bacteria and viruses all working together to keep our systems tip top.  It’s amazing the norm is actually not being sick. When you look at how it all works the odds suggest that we should all be broken and we shouldn’t be able to get unbroken. I work with a guy who used to be an imunologist and i remember chatting to him about deseases and such and he was and still is amazed at the human bodyies ability to fight off desease and viruses.

So I am grateful for the fact taht, while i feel rubsih as i type, I am generally very healthy indeed.

Thank you Jesus for my Health

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so I’m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day


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