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Thankful for Nieces & Nephews

By 19 Dec ā€™09April 16th, 2010One Comment

leah cutie

Nieces & Nephews

The above picture is one of my many nieces. This is Leah. She is one of the cutest little babies i think i have ever seen. My sisters have developed a habit of producing these really cute kiddies. I love all of my lil nieces and nephews – there are quite a few of them and they are all really amazing little guys.

I love when we have times with the family and we get to see my siblings and all the kids. It’s amazing seeing them all grow up so fast. It really makes me think about when Ruth and I start our own family. Some big thoughts engulf me at that stage but in an inspiring way.

Then i have to go to the others= side and include the Nieces i have inherited through Ruth. Those girls are great. Been so great getting to know them and seeing them turn in to two beautiful women.

Being an Uncle ROCKS!!!!

Thank you Jesus for my Nieces and Nephews.

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so Iā€™m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day


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