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Plans for the Macs

By 11 Jan ’103 Comments

| apple-command |I have a few plans for the network at home. I want to get things automated and seemlessly easy to use. Here’s what i have in mind:

  • Wireless timemachine – Dedicated Partitioned HDD serving the mini itself on one partition and using the other to serve Macbook wirelessly
  • Automated Websites Backup – Mini to backup websites on an alternating bi-weekly basis
    • Steve Macbeth
    • Ruth’s Blog
    • Test Site
    • portfolio site
    • photography site
    • Database backups
  • Media Backup – Relevant Drives to auto backup:
    • Photos
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Data
    • Projects
  • Phone Sync – Get automated actions to sync data and info on phone:
    • sync files when connected by USB
    • sync calender, numbers etc over bluetooth with proximity alert
  • Phone Backup – Back up media on phone(not including music)
    • add photos to iPhoto on Mini & do not duplicate
    • add movies to iMovie on Mini & wipe from phone
  • Media Server – Mini to act as a media server for Macbook.

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  • For your phone sync would you consider getting an iPhone? With a .me or gmail account you never need to worry aboout syncs again

    • mark says:

      Ignoring the fact that i have had 3 Nokia N95 8GB's i have been successful at syncing with the mac – google – nokia. I just dont want to jump on the iPhone bandwagon and i still dont think the phone is as good as my nokia – the camera is vastly better which is a huge consideration!

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