Sooooooo – The iPad?

So Yesterday Steve Jobs announced the new iPad…….my first responce is…pffft or meh!

The iPod and the iPhone were both amazig launches and ground breaking pieces of technology but the iPad misses the mark in quite a few ways. but it’s main one is that it’s very expensive – I’d prefer to have another macbook for what i’d be paying.

I can see its functionality being brilliant but not for the price its at.

Philip Bloom had the thought that it might be used as a monitor for HDSLR’s which would be brilliant but even still – it would feel gimicky.

(Pic source – Gizmodo)

2 responses to “Sooooooo – The iPad?”

  1. the joy of the ipad would be the ability to replace the laptop as the additional live view source that it currently can be as HDMI lead in the camera disables the Canon LCD, USB doesn't…so Director gets monitor and cameraman can still see what he is doing. I would rather the director hold an "ipad" in his/ her hands than my laptop!

    • I agree with a Dir not having to hold a laptop and the more i think about it, they could be quite useful in a production enviorment BUT they cant multitask – If, while I was directing, i could flip between the Camera view, my script and other relevant bits and pieces i usually have on my laptop then it could be brilliant.

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