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I Love My Wife: All 50 Reasons

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  1. She has an amazing Smile
  2. She has really expressive eyes
  3. She has beautiful long lush hair
  4. She is really patient with me
  5. She is so kind hearted
  6. She is a strong woman of God
  7. She aches to talk to me when I get home from work
  8. She loves kissing me
  9. the way she strokes my arms
  10. How she nuzzles in to me when we are going to sleep
  11. She has a great laugh
  12. the way she strokes my back when i’m reading
  13. she misses me when i’m out at work
  14. She gets concerned about me when i’m ill
  15. We have a special way of holding hands
  16. she’s humble
  17. she’s vulnerable
  18. she tells me that she needs me
  19. She sings to herself when she thinks no-one is listening
  20. Sometimes she just looks at me in a certain way and i melt
  21. She know and joins in in my silly songs
  22. She can’t hide how she’s feeling from me
  23. Her skin is the most kissable substance known to man
  24. She thinks I’m sexy
  25. She is very very VERY Sexy
  26. She has great legs
  27. She see’s through me and know’s the real me
  28. She has funky thumbs which she thinks are weird and i think are cute
  29. She’s intelligent
  30. She sometimes wears her hair in pigtails just cause she knows i love it.
  31. She forgives me over and over and over and ov….
  32. She helps me live my dreams
  33. She helps me to get excited about stuff and not be all grumpylicious
  34. She cries during movies – alot
  35. She’s gonna be a MILF
  36. She keeps in touch with her friends
  37. She encourages me to keep in touch with my friends
  38. She has an insane ability to love others
  39. She does silly dances when we are alone
  40. The way she can’t help herself and grabs my bum sometimes
  41. She still gets excited at being a Mrs. Robinson
  42. She keeps me grounded
  43. She cant get to sleep properly if i’m not there
  44. She challenges me when i loose my temper at  inanimate objects
  45. ShnuminuminumiNYOM
  46. When she calls me “Mumin”
  47. She has really yummy earlobes that are soft and nice to nibble
  48. how we snuggle on the sofa everytime i come home from work
  49. She clambers under my arms every morning when we wake up.
  50. She loves me more than anyone on this earth has ever loved me

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