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So I wont be getting an iPhone then…

By 9 Mar ’10June 4th, 2013No Comments

The past few days have been quite stressful actually due to my quest to see if I can get an iphone as my upgrade!

Orange, YET AGAIN. have failed me…

Bless them but  they have about as much integrity as a spoon trying to be a marshmallow.

They have this deal on their website which seems to be quite a good. Its offering to combine your Mobile, Landline and broadband all in to one unit at a cost of £60 per month. Sounds quite good so far, The real sweetener is that they’ll throw in an iPhone3GS 32GB for free!

Wow! – yes, that’s what i said, and out loud too!

…that is about as good as it all got as it got bad from there on in!

  • The page on which the offer is on had some small print which was designed to be missed! On this I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and to carry on….i should trust my instincts more.

  • Small print says nothing indicating that you wont get a 32GB handset if you only sign an 18 month contract.
  • I tried really hard to find a positive review on-line about their broadband service. I know in most forums when people write reviews its mostly bad stuff but usual;ly there is one or two kind souls who will write about their positive experience – NOT ONE!
  • The phone call was next – it didn’t go well
  • The guy was cagey when i asked about the “fair usage” policy for the broadband
  • I had to ask him 7/8 times for the info i wanted
  • then he lied to me… i caught him out when he was feeding me bull and contradicted himself
  • i still had to ask him another few times for the information i wanted

As you can read – I am not exactly filled with confidence with them. I still want to stick with Orange as we save quite a bit of money with their Orange Wednesday deals but i have lodged a complaint and will see if that lightens the situation any more than it has.


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