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Maaaaaan this is getting tiresome! Can people please stop hitting vehicles we are responsible for!!!!

So I was driving down Chase Road, as i do every morning at about 8:35 and i was coming up on the junction of Sunbeam Road heading north. As I approached I saw a car attempting to pull out of Sunbeam road onto Chase road. As I approached the car was stationary. The driver of the car was looking north while she was pulling out and not south thus she did not see me approaching.  I had to swerve to avoid her but this was not enough and she hit the rear left wheel arch.

Photos of both cars:

Her car:

Our courtesy car:

The conversation was a little barbed as i was quite angry with her to be honest and she was also quite defensive. I felt bad about being quite agitated with her so I apologized for my reaction and behaviour. I guess it was just shock. It was an easy mistake to make and we are all only human after all.

I prayed for her later as i was driving on top work but I should count my blessings really that it wasn’t worse! Had she pulled out any quicker it could have been quite messy.


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