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Skip the crud with DVDs

By 16 Apr ’10No Comments

Having just finished season 5 of Lost and then seeing a an article today i was reminded about the Lost Season 5 DVD’s that LoveFilm sent us.

Each DVD would take about 3 days to get to the main menu without the ability to skip the various trailers and ads for blu-ray. Coupled with the fact that our DVD player is a bit flakey and so it takes a while between each clip that the thing tries to play.

You can imagine the frustration.

All i wanna do is watch the film/episode/feature

i dont wanna have to troll through the various crud offerings.

So how do you get straight to the point?

Well there is a cheeky lil Remote control trick that should work for most DVDs.

Just hit stop twice then the play button! This should bring you straight to the main feature without all the faffing about! WOO!

Thanks to for this tip


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