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April 2010

HDMI to Wireless HD transmitter?

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SO i saw this article this morning on Gizmag and it begged the querstion:

Could this be a solution for shooting with DSLR setups?

Its The TruLink 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit which is designed to be a domestic product to help tidy up the clutter of cables in your home. However i think it could be use in a production setup. It has a 60Ghz transmission capability which suggests it could cleanly transmit a good signal across a room.

the 7D and 550D can both output a 1080i signal through their HDMI ports albeit with guides. This can be overcome but at the moment its tricky. I can’t help but think that we are only a few firmware updates away from getting full 1080p with an option for guides out of those lil HDMI ports! If that happens then Rock and Roll we all shall be!

One of the biggest snags on DSLR setups is the 12min shoot limit. I don’t think there is a reliable solution for overcoming this at the moment which is sad. Limits come with the Cards and file-structures and tax issues. However the above gadget could be a solution to receive the signal and record on to a separate device in what ever format you choose.

Imagine being able to record wirelessly direct to ProRes straight in to a Mac? – Nice!

Thanks to GIZMAG and theC47 for info and images.

The Orange Fail SAGA serialization!

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With the on going saga or rather my ongoing battle with Orange I have come up with series of posts. I know how you haveĀ  all enjoyed the serialized posts to date. 50 Reasons & Poetry Too boosted the traffic to this website a long way so I thank you readers fopr the ….um….readershipness!?!?

Anyway – the point of this is that if you troll through this site you will see a bunch of postsĀ  with me moaning about the crappy service that Orange has provided form time to time. When its been bad its been diabolical. It’s almost inspired me to douse my own eyes with a vinegar and lemon c**ktail with extra salt to boot. I plan to email each of these posts to Orange in an attempt to get them to do one of two things.

  • Hire me as an Special Undercover Customer Services Operative (SUCsO for short).
  • Change their ways

Sadly I’m not hopeful either will happen – It’ll be a great and creative way to vent though!

New phone not working…AGAIN!!!!

By FAIL, Techie 3 Comments

All i really want is a phone that works! Is that too much to ask?

I’ve had it just over a week and it has been failing me over and over and over….

  • Constant Crashing
  • Constant freezing
  • Not booting with USB plugged in
  • Video recording freezes
  • Sound goes out of sync with recorded video
  • Screen goes glitchy in camera mode
  • music/pod-casts stutter
  • not picking up calls.
  • not connecting to PC


Other faults that are more of an annoyance and may not be classed as faults include:

  • Loudspeaker activation is hard to navigate to
  • unlocking screen requires one to many presses
  • unlocking screen requires depressing answer key which is just in the wrong place.
  • screen is easily scratched to crap

On paper this phone is AMAZING! its sad though that the most amazing thing about it has turned out to be the frequency at which it fails me…

House finale shot on 5DmkII

By Techie No Comments

This is amazing – the entire finale episode of House has been shot on a Canon 5D mkII – and to think the BBC are being stupidly snobby trying to say it’s not proper HD – CRAP!

This should shake things up for the Video capable DSLR way of film making!

Below is a nice lil video of a some more footage from said camera but what’s great about this is the “Gun Rig” its a great look that you can only really get from this set-up: