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Facebooks privacy settings in a map

By 13 May ’10No Comments

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It is rather interesting what Facebook has been doing with their changes. What I always find hilarious is how people complain about it.

  • Yes FB is using your data for marketing
  • Yes FB is letting other big companies see your info
  • Yes FB is using your data for its own gain!

But what everyone seems to miss is the point that no-one is paying for the service! It’s free!People need to realise that when using a free service that it will not be kept fully private. If you post something on-line then you must expect that it will be shared.

It’s kinda like being invited to dinner at someones house then having a go at them when they tell their other friends what a good time you all had. Its rediculous!

The point is that FB is a free service so no-one can really justly moan about when they change the service!

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