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Phone Phail – Yet again!

By 25 May ’10June 4th, 2013No Comments


it continues!

Faults on this 2nd Vivaz handset:

  • Random Hanging up during calls but especially just after picking up calls.
  • Constant Dialing a call failure
  • constant crashing / rebooting – at least 2-3 times a day.
  • inconsistent connection to mail accounts
  • GPS is inconsistent
  • Auto Screen orientation has slowed down considerably.
  • Struggles to reconnect to service when passing through an area of poor service to an area of good service. (this can take the phone more than 5 minutes to reconnect).
  • Phone doesn’t power off properly when trying to power it off – it reboots – inconsistent occurrence.

Recurring issues from last phone

  • music/pod-casts stutter
  • Audio goes out of sync when recording video
  • Screen goes glitchy in camera mode
  • Constant freezing

Now i have to go back to Orange AGAIN and tell them i want to change it AGAIN and i will probably have the same argument AGAIN and it will be fun!

Father I pray that you will help and guide me through this process and that my anger will not take control.

See the last post about the phones faults here.


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