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Orange, Finally an address to write to..

By 26 May ’10June 4th, 2013No Comments


I thought i’d post the mailing address that i have been recommended using. The lovely staff member i spoke to y’day told me that the systems is a biut pants and in order to really get somewhere i should try this address:

Compliance Team,

Astral House,

Orange PLC,

Senhouse Road,

Lingfield Way,


County Durham,

DL1 4YG.

So, if you have had any bad Orange experiences i suggest you write to them.


The conclusion of y’days call was that i am being sent a “refurbished” replacment handset. Great!  I wonder howe many of these i’ll have to get through before it gets really stupid.

I’m going to play both fields until i get rid of this total-piece-of-crap phone.

Some interesting info in the mean time:

  • Trade Descriptions Act 1968

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