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June 2010

Just Created an Autoresponder…

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I just created an autoresponder for my old email addresses. I tried to do this a while back with gmail but it wasn’t right.

Now it is.

It works.

Hopefully now people will stop sending stuff to those old accounts.

More Changes

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So I launched WordPress multisite y’day and its been interesting!

There have been quite a few weird things going on but i reckon i’ll be able to fix them

One of the big things is the file structure. It’s made me realise that i may need to rejig the whole site and reorganise the lot. This is always a pain as it usually means all the media gets unlinked and the site falls over If i can avoid that then i’ll be happy.

I do wonder though how easy it would be to export the multisite sites from one WP istallation to another server. If i wanted to move a blog for instance.


2 weeks in: my HTC Desire Review

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So I’ve had my new HTC desire for.2 and despite my dodge typing on the touch screen keyboard…well that’s just me really!!!

Best bits.

  • Google integration – Seamless -All I had to do was enter my google account name and password and it did the rest.
    • Gmail
    • Contacts
    • Calender
    • Maps
  • Twitter & Facebook clients that are usable.
  • GPS Stuff
    • Google Maps
    • Google Turn by Turn navigation – proper Sat Nav yo!
  • Android app store, It notifies you of UPDATES and there are various Games and Applications but notably:

I have to say:

this thing is awesome!

Is it better than an iPhone? I would say yes it is and i don’t base that on my blatant disregard for the iPhone. Lets face it, The iPhone is one of the biggest innovations in technology in years but i do need to remind people of this post which was the SPV M700 which was a HTC device!

HTC have been doing the whole touch screen PDA handset for a lot longer than apple and as a result they do some of the groundwork alot better. This Desire is more customizable, its faster, its more versatile, it’s cheaper by a long way and I didn’t have to sell my soul in to a crappy new poorly priced iPhone only contract!

I’ve been blown away with this handset and what its capable of. Usually within a few days I’ve got a handset sussed but this has been overwhelming at times and I’m still not 100% clued up on all of its capabilities. There have been a few glitches;

  • Alarm clocks.
  • Start-up apps.
  • Battery life

But these i’m looking in to and updates should sort them

The battery life is an issue but i was aware of that when i bought the phone.

All round – its incredible!

Posted from WordPress for Android on my HTC Desire!

Happy Father’s Day

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My Dad is awesome.

My Dad could kick your dad’s a**e.

My Dad is Chuck Norris in disguise.

My Dad is the strongest man i know.

My Dad is the wisest Man I know.

My Dad is awesome.

I think most of us grow up wanting to be just like our Dad’s. I certainly did. I grew up with a man who set a great example on what it meant to be a man. He was always around, He always let us know that he loved us. He was fun. He was firm. He was my Daddy.

I quite often find myself doing or saying things like he did. I find myself turingin in to him in so many ways it’s sometimes kinda scary…

I’m proud of that though.

If i can become even an ounce of the Man he has been and still is then I’d be a very happy man myself.

So I’ll say Happy Father’s Day to my dad and also to any man who is a father. Well done! Keep at it. You have what it takes…

(click the pic to see my Dad in action)