Happy Father’s Day

My Dad is awesome.

My Dad could kick your dad’s a**e.

My Dad is Chuck Norris in disguise.

My Dad is the strongest man i know.

My Dad is the wisest Man I know.

My Dad is awesome.

I think most of us grow up wanting to be just like our Dad’s. I certainly did. I grew up with a man who set a great example on what it meant to be a man. He was always around, He always let us know that he loved us. He was fun. He was firm. He was my Daddy.

I quite often find myself doing or saying things like he did. I find myself turingin in to him in so many ways it’s sometimes kinda scary…

I’m proud of that though.

If i can become even an ounce of the Man he has been and still is then I’d be a very happy man myself.

So I’ll say Happy Father’s Day to my dad and also to any man who is a father. Well done! Keep at it. You have what it takes…

(click the pic to see my Dad in action)

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