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June 2010

Have a flurry of vids…

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Charlie bit me – the original

Charlie bit me – the remix

and some others…

Orange have seen the light!!!

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Orange have indeed seen the light and have sorted me out.

I got a call y’day from the last honest girl i spoke to back on Thursday when the phone died completely. What her Team Leader has managed to do is to push my contract to the end so i’m now technically in a rolling contract. This means i can go upgrade again!!!


So with that in mind and after much consideration and review reading I’m gonna go for the HTC Desire

This thing seems to be the iPhones biggest contender and in some ways it spanks the iPhone. It our performs in speed and graphics. As it’s on the Android platform I can also make use of the Android App store so I’m on to a good thing here.

Some of the Apps I’ve been looking in to are:

I have to wait until the phone is back in stock which should be a couple of days and then i will really celebrate.