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I hate cold sores

By 14 Jul ’10No Comments

So I’ve had an ulcer under my top lip for about 3/4 days then y’day a cold-sore started to rise up and then this morning…


It’s two of them!!!

I hate these things! They’re ugly, irritating, painful, uncomfortable, and generally quite horrible!

I only seem to get cold-sores and ulcers when I’m stressed. I don’t think i realised how stressed i have been. I’ve got quite alot on my plate at the moment and it really is getting to me.

It’s that funny old mistake again.

When I’m running off my own steam it all goes a bit mental! I need to remember to r4ely on God’s strength to get me through these periods. Sure i can probably survive a stressful period on my own but when God’s in control and my trust is in him then it’s always soooo much easier!

Proof is in the manky face I am currently exhibiting!

My own steam = more stress that my body cant handle and thus facial gimpyness!

Most of all – i hate not being able to kiss my wife! Double DOH!

(small print – just to cover anyone who might think this is God punishing me: theologically speaking i DO NOT think for one second that God would give me these cold sores to teach me to be closer to him, that does not marry up with the biblical teaching of the New Testament!)


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