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January 2011

Photo of the day

By Via Phone One Comment

An oldie but a goodie. This one was taken on my way home from work when i worked at Tandem TV and i was using my bro’s mx5. It was heavy traffic and i’d been sat in this spot for 5 mins and so to stifle the boredom i fired off a few shots.

Photo of the day.

By Via Phone No Comments

This is a gift I received here at work.

It’s a small Photo frame made from a motorcycle chain.

I work for a large charity called Tearfund ( which is mainly a relief agency.

One part if the charity is “Created” ( Most of these are gifts that are hand crafted by our partner agencies all over the world. Each gift has a card attached with the name of the person who made it, and it’s links to Created and Tearfund and how the purchase of the item has helped them and their business.

Its just a brilliant idea as you can see clearly the route its taken.

Final Cut Express and AVCHD lite

By Techie, Work 3 Comments

So I was having trouble getting FInal Cut Express to read the files form my GF1 camera. It would seem that its not a native format for Final Cut Express howevere iMovie can read the stuff no probs.

So the solution is to copy the codecs from iMovie to FCE.

This is an extract from a thread on creativecow and the actual post is by Mirco Tripoczky

I did some research and testing.. and also came accross this thread and I got a (I think) cool solution to import AVCHD Lite directly into Final Cut Express without going through iMovie.

Since Final Cut Express doesn’t like AVCHD Lite, you have to tell Final Cut Express to like it.

1. Open the Final Cut package by right clicking the icon and choose show content. At Contents/Plugins you find a folder called: “AVCHD.RADPlug”. Make a backup of that folder.

2. Now Open the package by right clicking the icon and choose show content. At Contents/RADPlugins you find a folder called: “AVCHD.RADPlug”. Copy that folder to where you found the folder with the same name inside the Final Cut package.

Start Final Cut Express, use Log and Transfer and easily import AVCHD Lite clips to Final Cut Express.

That’s maybe a workaround.. and you do this on your own risk, for me it worked perfectly with the AVCHD Lite clips of my Panasonic TZ7.

Photo of the day.

By Via Phone No Comments

Beard in need of a trim. The battery for my trimmer has been flat for over a week as I had misplaced the charger. It’s usually 10 days of no trimming that I hit the “itch threshold”. That is the time when the beard hairs suddenly start to itch frantically. This began this evening while Ruth and I were out for a stroll.

Thankfully I found the charger and hopefully in an hour or so I will be less itchy faced.

Tablet Take-over?

By Techie No Comments

So it looks like Tablet computers are definitely here and landing!

Last year saw the arrival of the iPad with huge amounts of speculation as to what and how they would be used but over the months different applications have presented themselves. I thought the iPad was gonna be a useless piece of junk and that their best use would for toilet reading. On further study though i began to think that they’d be great in production environments for directors and producers on-set.

What I’ve seen is that so many people in different industries have been using it for suitable functions for their particular industries. More recently has shown a school in Scotland using them in all their lessons. Bye Bye pencil and paper, hello tablets. The point being that Tablets have proven themselves to be a really useful in-betweener device.

Smart-phones will continue to swamp the market and will get better and better but the fact is that you wont want to have to deal with lots of type on their small screens. Laptops are great but even now our attitudes towards them is that they can be bulky to carry. It’s easy to see then that tablets fill the gap.

It will be interesting to see how long Apple leads the market. While Apple products are gorgeously sexy they are out of the budget for most mere mortals which is leaving a gaping hole in the market for affordable units and Android is stepping up to the plate with an awesome interface to rival iOS:

Are tablets taking over then? No i think we will still see standard computers for another few years. Its possible that the next couple of years will see the demise of the standard office desktop pc and the home desktop pc with Workhorse desktops being rarely seen in only design/production/scientific environments.

Slimmer laptops will begin to dominate the market and the Tablet grow in popularity. Do I want an iPad? No but i do fancy the idea of a similarly specced tablet running Honeycomb.