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March 2011

The ceiling. POTD

By Via Phone One Comment

This is what’s left of our old ceiling. We moved back into the flat this eve. There is still so much dust everywhere that it only takes a few moments to feel it on your skin. It’s that super fine plaster dust that gets in everything. We have so much cleaning to do.

Right now my hands stink of bleach and we are on our way km the pub.

I’m out.

I’m going to Cambodia

By God, Work No Comments

On Wednesday morning my boss came to me and asked if I would be up for going to Cambodia at the beginning of April. Seeing as i know that these opportunities don’t come very often at Tearfund I jumped at the chance.

(img source)

Over the next week the plans will come together but I’ll be going for a week to meet a Tearfund partner. It’s all quite fun!

Yesterday’s Anniversary

By Family, Love One Comment

So y’day was our 3rd anniversary and while i wished my wife loving wishes on FB I didn’t really do much here on the site so I thought `I’d make it by taking a screen grab of her profile which captured my über clever awesomeness on her behalf.

It has been a bit busy with having started an Alpha course, all things 216, and not living in our flat so them’s be my excuses.

If you want more of a reflection of my love for her check out the 50 Reasons and the Poetry Too stuff from last year as it’s all still relevant.

She is an awesome woman and I love her more than chips.