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Why are fixies so popular?

By 18 Jun ’11June 20th, 2011One Comment

Just watched this vid on Vimeo after watching a few different fixie vids and I’m left with a very genuine question.

I ask this question not as a criticism but as bike rider to another group of bike riders.

Why fixies? I’ve always been a mountain biker. Years ago I used to race downhill and you would often find me at my local dirt-jump spot and sometimes riding streets and skate parks. it all felt natural and there was always a sense of flowing with the lines.

When i watch fixies doin it, there seems to be no fluidity. There’s no smoothness to the tricks, it appears to lack flow. I see these guys riding and it all looks so jerky and unnatural. It looks like its really difficult.

Then I start asking myself some other obvious questions like:

  • Why are they trying to pull of tricks with such large frames? Small frames are MUCH easier to control! Small frames weigh less too so there’s less metal to heft.
  • Will you not end up with grotesquely disproportioned leg muscles due to the lack of free-wheeling?
  • What did fixies evolve from? Roadies/MTBers/BMXers?

I just don’t get it! It looks harder, heavier, more awkward and less fun! – I can’t see the appeal.

Someone please explain it to me!

To balance this out check out the Master of things Bikery: Chris Akrigg


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