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Ugali #POTD

By 6 Jul ’11February 12th, 2013No Comments

It’s been International Fortnight these last two weeks here at Tearfund which means loads of our people who work all over the word come back to Teddington.

Today lunch was an African BBQ and I tried the Ugali. Ugali is not a meat or anything exotic. In fact it’s utterly disappointing but it was good to try it.

Ugali is a kind of a maize based mash..or rather mush. It looks quite like mashed potatoes and has a similar consistency but that’s where the similarities end. It tastes of blandness. If you imagine what it would be like to eat really watered down smash that had no saltiness then that’s what it tastes of.

This is eaten all over the African continent and comes under many different names depending on where you are. It’s interesting to have tried something that is a staple for so many.


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