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I just got on Google+

By 12 Jul ’11No Comments

I was invited to Google+. I clicked the link and accepted the invite eagerly and I have that feeling I had when I first signed up to facebook. Lots of positive anticipation but a niggle that it won’t really take off.

I have really high hopes for Google+. It’s not that I have anything against facebook but I hope that this will either make facebook up their game on their user experience or that Google+ would wipe the floor and get rid of them. I don’t wanna have to cope with managing 2 major social media networks.

Google has a lot going for it. They have their a**enal of apps with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, YouTube, Reader, Picasa etc… If they can integrate all this smoothly then I can see myself running with Google+ and leaving the latter.

However it aint that clear cut! It depends on what the masses do. 600million users are not going to jump ship over night! I suspect a lot of people will leave FB because so many are no longer happy with the privacy transparency issues. Some will leave becuase of the great circles tool in Google+ which allows you to take much more control over who sees what in your profile and your wall.

I think this is gonna be an interesting couple of months watching what happens. Lets see who wins!?!?!


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