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August 2011


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Dear Nugget,

  • I’m sad :
    • that you died
    • I never got to meet you in person
    • I never got to bounce you on my knee or throw you in the air to catch you
    • I never got to rush home for bath time
    • I never got to see you learn how to walk, speak, play, love,
    • I never hot to hear you crying, giggling or getting overly excited.
    • I never got to see you grow up in to the amazing human being you were going to be
  • I miss:
    • talking to you through your mother’s tummy
    • singing stupid songs to you
    • dreaming about what you are going to look like
    • imagining what you will be like
    • imaginging who you’ll be
    • imagining what your personality will be like
  • I’m glad:
    • you were ours
    • we experienced a little bit of you
    • you broke our fear of being not able to get pregnant
    • You are in a better place than we could ever know with the Father.

New Wine & Long Exposures

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That was an intense week. It was intense because Ruth and I are dealing with some tough times ahead of us. On the Friday before New Wine I resigned at Tearfund. After a long and arduous 10 month probation period we all came to see that this job was just not working out so we are calling it a day. In summary; I have loved working at Tearfund but I just didn’t like my job.

It’s quite disappointing. It’s quite a relief.  Its also terrifying.

In three weeks time when I finish my notice period I will be re-entering the world of freelancing. In recognition that this is a difficult place to being Tearfund are offering me 3 months of freelance work with the youth and emgen team but we have yet to work out the details. I am hopeful that i will be able to continue a longer lasting professional relationship with the wider organization.

Over the week of New Wine I had space to think about what the future holds. Obviously ending a job has its worried especially in the current economic climate but I am confident that we will be just fine. There are various avenues of different free-lance work I can go back to and also new opportunities that hold much promise so it’s quite exciting in that respect.

During the week I had a real sense of God’s presence with me and during one of the evening sessions I felt God reminding me that he he is faithful:


Because the week was so quite full on in the thought-osphere I didn’t really engage with photography and it also didn’t help not having a good data signal but I did play with some long exposure stuff as per the above photo. Have some more of the long exposure shots below.: