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DIY Why? – The Upcycled Sofa 1 of 8

By 11 Jul ’12No Comments

So last month we moved into our new flat and we are getting a really great deal on the place but we agreed that we would do all the improvements to the place. So here is a wee series on our home DIY and so this is why:

So we inherited this cheap and tatty IKEA sofa with the flat. It was ready to go to the dump and Ruth wanted it gone but I was keen to see if we could up-cycle it. Two sofas are always better than one especially when we now have loads of space and if we could achieve that without having to buy another sofa then that was gonna be ace too! So on my first investigation of how we might make it a little better the whole back of the sofa fell off as the chipboard which kept it in place crumbled. At this point Ruth really wanted it gone but a little further investigation (made easier now it was in two halves) gave me the inspiration on how to rebuild it and make it better than it was. Then thanks to several 6inch bolts, many many MANY staples, a few throws and £15 lighter it was transformed in to this:


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