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DIY Why? – The Upcycled Futon 3 of 8

By 13 Jul ’12No Comments

So last month we moved into our new flat and we are getting a really great deal but we agreed that we would do all the improvements to the place. So here is a wee series on our home DIY and so this is why:

Another thing we inherited with the flat was one of these old IKEA Futon things. Now even in good condition these things are the most uncomfortable things ever to the point that in the past I have chosen the floor over the futon option. Now this particular one was in bad shape. It was suffering a few broken slats and a missing screw or two. – So why would we wanna keep it? Well – it wasn’t  for the original purpose. No I wanted to use it for shelving. With the help of my brother, we cut them down to size and stained them with the same stuff we used for the low sideboard then mounted them in the alcove above the TV ready for the Hifi and DVD’s bringing a nice symmetry to the room.


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