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DIY Why? – The Drop Leaf Table 6 of 8

By 18 Jul ’12No Comments

So last month we moved into our new flat and we are getting a really great deal but we agreed that we would do all the improvements to the place. So here is a wee series on our home DIY and so this is why:

Drop Leaf table – Our last kitchen was never a fun place to cook in and I was determined to make sure that I would have enough surface space to cook comfortably. The layout of our kitchen is much better simply because it’s much bigger but I was concerned that if we needed to prepare a large meal then there wasn’t quite enough space so we bought this IKEA drop leaf table. The fun bit was fitting it as it’s a hollow wall and so I had my first go at using some heavy duty hollow-wall screws. – Its been great to use and is holding up strong.



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