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DIY Why? – The Fridge Door 7 of 8

By 19 Jul ’12August 20th, 2013No Comments

So last month we moved into our new flat and we are getting a really great deal but we agreed that we would do all the improvements to the place. So here is a wee series on our home DIY and so this is why:

Fridge door tray stops. Like so many things in this flat that came with – the fridge is a little old and run down. We didn’t realize until we’d moved in that the fridge was actually missing the door trays which was not fun. So remembering the fact that I could challenge MacGyver or the-A-Team to an invent-off with my surly coat-hanger bending skills  I decide to create a simple guard which so far has been quite effective – except the top one is a bit prone to popping off if you open the door to vigorously. They say you can fix anything with Gaffer Tape and WD40 but I’d like to add wire coat hangers to the list!


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