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101 Jobs Give away

By 6 Jun ’13June 25th, 2013One Comment


Work has gone quite well since beginning back in August 2011. We’re still not earning huge amounts but its been growing steadily. This has been massively encouraging and I’ve loved every minute of it…..except the minutes that were really stressful!

I operate a job numbering system to help me keep track of invoices, estimates and jobs. We are fast approaching job number 100. This represents a great success for me and to celebrate this I decided to have a celebratory give-away! Why 101? 101 is 1 more than 100 and it looks better.

As more work comes in, the project that lands on job number 101 will get £101 pounds off the final invoice of the project.*

So spread the word that is moving upwards and onwards and let people know that I’m keen to help with their digital projects!

*This offer can only be applied to jobs that consist of 4 days of work or more. I, as Mark Robinson Digital Creative, make all and final decisions on how and who the offer is given to. The winner of the give-away will be announced on the website.


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