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October 2013

Editing, Compositing, Coding & Being Awesome! @soulsurvivorgb

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Last time I wrote about work I said it was pretty busy. That’s still the case!

Today I’m all over the SoulSurvivor summer 2014 promos. The image gives a sneak peek as to what’s going on with it. I’m quite happy with how it’s going.

The weekend was pretty busy working on getting the 24-7Prayer P&M series to the next level which I’m happy with so far. Waiting to hear back from them to see what they think.

Tomorrow I’m back on the cacophony of web projects!

There be no rest…..

Quietly keepin busy

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Since the summer I’ve been quietly busy mainly because the business exploded in to lots of work.

I’m currently working on 7 Web Projects & 2 film projects. October is a month of delivering a lot of these so it will be quiet for a little while longer on the blog here.

Feeling blessed to have so much work on!

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