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DIY Bike Storage Solution

By 17 Dec ’13No Comments

BikeStor_2We’ve been living in our first floor flat for over a year now and we still had the issue of two bikes at the top of the stairs in the hallway which have always required some negotiating to get around them.

I’ve been trying to find a solution for this and had settled upon trying to get a bike hoist like the following image but the space we have for it would be too tight a squeeze for two hoists side by side not to mention the fact that it’s not a flat roof that we’ll need to mount from.

91pVEnDUabS._SL1500_This weekend I had the great idea of hanging one of the bikes from the banister which actually works really well. All the weight of the bike is sitting on the pedal which rests on the base of the stairway and I’m using a short bungee cord to hold the handlebar and other wheel in place. This arrangement means there is no unnecessary strain on the banister and there is no risk of the bike falling off. I also made sure to slide an old jiffy bag over the pedal to make sure the pedal pins don’t scratch up the wood.

BikeStor_1The result is brilliant as we’ve cleared one of the bikes from the hallway and we’ll be able to use a hoist mechanism for the other one without it being as much of a squeeze.



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