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I’d like to introduce you…

By 3 Oct ’14February 8th, 2015One Comment

RoboBabies2I’d like to introduce you to my daughter and my son.

On the right we have Oisín (pronounced Usheen) Mark who was born at 10:50 am weighing 6lb 12oz.

His beautiful little sister followed quickly. Aoibheanna (pronounced Eveanna) Lesley weighing 4lbs 12oz came in the same style by C-Section.

Ruth was amazing! The birth was amazing.

I am dazed at having my breath taken away at such beautiful little humans.

God is GOOD!


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  • Carol Levy says:

    Well done Ruth my darling, what a beautiful pair amazing babes. Hope u r feeling well and not to sore or in pain. Well done u and Mark. He did after all have something to do with it, bless.
    Yes God us indeed good.
    Lots n lots of love a squash n a squeeze to little Ruth n little (maybe not so little) Mark

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