I’d like to introduce you…

I’d like to introduce you…

RoboBabies2I’d like to introduce you to my daughter and my son.

On the right we have Oisín (pronounced Usheen) Mark who was born at 10:50 am weighing 6lb 12oz.

His beautiful little sister followed quickly. Aoibheanna (pronounced Eveanna) Lesley weighing 4lbs 12oz came in the same style by C-Section.

Ruth was amazing! The birth was amazing.

I am dazed at having my breath taken away at such beautiful little humans.

God is GOOD!

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  1. Well done Ruth my darling, what a beautiful pair amazing babes. Hope u r feeling well and not to sore or in pain. Well done u and Mark. He did after all have something to do with it, bless.
    Yes God us indeed good.
    Lots n lots of love a squash n a squeeze to little Ruth n little (maybe not so little) Mark

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