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May 2016

Horn Lane night works

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After a terrible night’s sleep I emailed this to my local councillors. Lets see what happens.

Dearest Councillors!

Firstly – thank you all for the role you play in leading Acton and speaking up for us residents! You guys are awesome!

I have a problem! I live on Horn Lane. That’s not the problem though.

This is:

The important bit to read on that sign is “NIGHT WORKS”!!!!!

So last night a highways maintenance crew started to resurface the road just outside our flat. They started at 9pm and the noise with just one lorry was pretty intense – see this video here:

Thankfully they stopped by about 2:30am but that meant that I got about 3 hours of sleep.

3 Hours!

This is NOT cool! We are not happy!

I cannot believe that the only notice we received about this happening was the appearance of the signs in the photo above about a week ago. When and who decided that this would be OK? What idiot said it would be cool?


If it’s illegal to use your horn between 11:30pm and 7am, as the rule 112 of the highway code suggests, then surely this activity is also illegal and should be stopped from going ahead at night.

I know why they are doing it at night – to relieve congestion during the day but THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT COOL!

This work could easily be carried out over a weekend (EG the May Bank Holiday Weekend just gone which was REALLY QUIET ON HORN LANE!!!!!).

So please – I am begging you – What will you do about this?

Yours respectfully (and feeling very tired),