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When you’re solo parenting cos your other half is away for work and you’ve not had lots of sleep cos you had a stupidly late night cos you’re trying to get an edit done despite suffering 2 days of frustrating #PremierPro crashes thanks to an @adobe update and then the apple of you eye wakes up an hour early and you assume she’ll drop back off but she doesn’t and when you go down to check on her and her brother you discover she’s managed to take her nappy off and its far far worse then you could have imagined as the stench hits you and you realise you have arrived in #poomageddon and it’s everywhere, its caked on in places that seen impossible, it’s even in her ear and her brother is looking sweet and innocent while she looks like she’s stepped off the set of the sequel to #TheExorcist and you can’t cuddle her or touch her for fear of spreading it everywhere so you run the bath and deal with the #twinbrother but he decides he doesn’t want a nappy and another bout of #toddlernappywrestling ensues all the while Lady-Of-The-Poo is screaming, the twin brother is screaming, you are trying not to scream while they just scream louder and eventually the bath is ready but the twin brother wants a bath too but he can’t cos at this stage you’re already running late for breakfast so you clean up the #twinsister while the twin brother deposits yet another toilet roll contents all over the floor and eventually you’re ready to get the #twins dressed and you start to feel like you’ve got under control so you go to start prepping breakfast despite two whinging #snotmonsters fighting for your attention and then you discover that you forgot to put the dishwasher on before you went to bed…. yeah that! #dadsofinstagram #dadlife #twinstagram #twinsofinstagram #boygirltwins #GreatStartToTheDay #OhMyDays #toddlersofinstagram … And then she gives me this smile #MeltsMyHeart #ItsReallyIsASmile #POTD

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