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There we were doing the bedtime routine and I was looking at my little boy as he so eagerly listened to his moma read the story. His beautiful little eyes transfixed on the page and his curls flopping all over his little head. He looked over at me with a grin and it reminded me of bath time last week when we had a fake code brown. I think the exact words I used were; “It’s a poo, its a poo, Oisín’s done a poo, oh, wait no, it’s a horse, yup just a horse, a toy horse… But that’s not what this is about. Back to his curls and bath time. So after the false alarm we did the usual thing of get them out of the bath and ready for bed. As I carried him through wrapped up tight in a towel I had a nostalgia boom back to a very early and very happy memory of my own bath times as a small boy. Specifically I remembered how my big eldest sister Sandra used to sometimes do my bath. At the end she used to style my hair with a “Super Man” curl as that was how Christopher Reeve had his for the role. While Oisín was so full of smiles and joy it made me remember how I loved those times too. It made me remember how brilliant my sister was with me then. I remember how brilliant she was at being the eldest sibling. She was always kind, loving and brilliant. Now she is an amazing mother to 6 fantastic children and an brilliant wife to her husband and an amazing friend to those who know her well. She’s also STILL a wonderful sister. She is someone I admire greatly and who I have the deepest respect for. Happy Birthday Sandra Holmes! You’re the bestest! I love you loads. #family #love #bigsis #bigsisters #instasis (Photo courtesy of @mostlytom #thanksbro I didn’t ask but assumed it’d be fine in the spirit of sibling love. Love you too BTW.) #POTD

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