Horn Lane night works

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After a terrible night’s sleep I emailed this to my local councillors. Lets see what happens.

Dearest Councillors!

Firstly – thank you all for the role you play in leading Acton and speaking up for us residents! You guys are awesome!

I have a problem! I live on Horn Lane. That’s not the problem though.

This is:

The important bit to read on that sign is “NIGHT WORKS”!!!!!

So last night a highways maintenance crew started to resurface the road just outside our flat. They started at 9pm and the noise with just one lorry was pretty intense – see this video here:

Thankfully they stopped by about 2:30am but that meant that I got about 3 hours of sleep.

3 Hours!

This is NOT cool! We are not happy!

I cannot believe that the only notice we received about this happening was the appearance of the signs in the photo above about a week ago. When and who decided that this would be OK? What idiot said it would be cool?


If it’s illegal to use your horn between 11:30pm and 7am, as the rule 112 of the highway code suggests, then surely this activity is also illegal and should be stopped from going ahead at night.

I know why they are doing it at night – to relieve congestion during the day but THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT COOL!

This work could easily be carried out over a weekend (EG the May Bank Holiday Weekend just gone which was REALLY QUIET ON HORN LANE!!!!!).

So please – I am begging you – What will you do about this?

Yours respectfully (and feeling very tired),


For Sale: 2 x Brittax B-Smart soft carry cots

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We are selling our pair of Brittax B-Smart soft carry cots.

They are made our of different materials, one being slightly more durable (one on the left) resulting in the other suffering a few scuffs.

Aside from this both are in excellent condition.

We’ve use these from day one over the last 4 1/2 months with our twins in our Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double. The cots fit snuggly and the safety clips line up well.

We are looking for:

  • Left Cot (The more durable one) – £45
  • Right Cot (The less durable one) – £40
  • The Pair: £75
  • Postage: £10 ea or £15 for the pair or collect from Acton

If you want one/them – get in touch.

They can be bought on eBay here.

Royal Academy of Music #POTD

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IMG_20140804_203758Today was a great day as I got to work on a shoot with my brother which we’ve not done for many many years and it was really great.

It was nice to work in such an effortless fashion which only happens when you are used to working with each other. The shoot itself was simple enough and we got through it with some great footage.

Made me appreciate how much I like working with my bro.

What we’re having!

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BothBabies-20-Week-Scan-yoyoWe had our 20 week scan today and we found out that we are having a boy and a girl!!!!!

We are super pleased and cant wait for October to roll on up!!!!