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It’s that time of year again and I’ve just booked the car in for it’s M.O.T. with the garage down the road from Tearfund. The car is definitely starting to feel old so I’m hoping that it passes with relative ease. If it’s expensive that may be a problem cause with the change in the law to women’s car insurance brokers this year, it means that our policy will cost more.

We may be looking at having to replace her which is sad as I think this week our last payment just went out which means that she is finally all ours!

I really love our car.

There are a few things that need doing:

  • The Annoying Rattle: for over a year now there has been this really annoying tinkly/rattle coming from the front passenger side of the car. I don’t know if it’s from the wheel or the suspension but I do know that it didn’t affect the MOT last year. It kinda sounds like a loose washer or summat.
  • Rear Window Wiper: About 18 months ago was the last time i was able to use the rear wiper. Either the wiring or the motor has gone but for months there was a hopeful clicking, sometimes a whine from it but now it just clicks at me but doesn’t actually do any wiping. Nits now a decorative piece a bit like the angel on a Rolls only more rubbery and its on the back of the car instead on the nose.
  • Groaning / Squeaky Brakes: They either groan or they squeak, it’s not fun but luckily it’s also not all the time. They were last changed at QuikFit and the i brought it back to them a few days later when it was squeaking quite a bit but was told it would take a while for the pads to bed in…they’ve been “bedding in” for 2 years now.
  • Sticky Clutch: Over the past few months the clutch has stated to stick when letting it out. It occasionally  gets caught on the last third of its extension which means you have to hook your toe on it and pull it free which is irritating.
  • Full service is also due, so should get new sparks and oil too.

Will just hope and pray it’s not mahoosivley expensive!

Brokenish Car

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SO our car has been a bit on the blink recently and there’s a growing list of things that need doing to it and it makes me worry that she’s just dying a slow and soon-to-be expensive death. I could be wrong but i like the melodrama i’m generating as its matching my current mood.

The fault list is as follows:

  • Speedometer Dropping:  The speedo occasionally drops down to nothing while driving coupled with a drop in power. Usually this only lasts a few moments but this past weekend it don’t come back. Even after pulling over and turning the engine off it still didn’t play. It was only after i disconnected the battery, and reconnected it that it worked properly again. Luckily I have a speed app on y phone which is a temp backup if it goes again.
  • Engine inconsistently running very hot: The engine normally runs at 70but I’ve noticed more and more i look down and its up at around 90. The inconsistency is that later on in the same journey it’ll be down to 70 again. If anything i’ve only seemed to notice this while in heavy traffic.
  • Sticking Clutch: This has only happened a handful of times but it’s been unpleasant to deal with in heavy traffic. The clutch sticks halfway down the stroke. This means i have to hook my toe under the pedal and pull it back out. This again has only seemed to happen in heavy, slow moving, clutch busy traffic.
  • Sometimes very smokey: Sometimes it’s really smokey at high revs but it’s not all the time so its difficult to figure out why.
  • Internal Blower not working: Just after we arrived at New Wine i noticed that the fan blower had stopped working.. It’s just completely dead. With colder weather creeping in this needs to get sorted soon!!!
  • Drivers side key lock gone: Our car was broken in to a couple of weeks back and they smashed the lock in so that still needs sorting.
  • Groaning Brakes: It’s like a low frequency groan that only happens at certain speeds and sounds like its coming from the left front brake.
  • Rear wiper: It’s supposed to be intermittent. Since we’ve owned the car its inter-working. It would be nice to get to work properly.

Hopefully it wont all cost us the price of a small car…


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Maaaaaan this is getting tiresome! Can people please stop hitting vehicles we are responsible for!!!!

So I was driving down Chase Road, as i do every morning at about 8:35 and i was coming up on the junction of Sunbeam Road heading north. As I approached I saw a car attempting to pull out of Sunbeam road onto Chase road. As I approached the car was stationary. The driver of the car was looking north while she was pulling out and not south thus she did not see me approaching.  I had to swerve to avoid her but this was not enough and she hit the rear left wheel arch.

Photos of both cars:

Her car:

Our courtesy car:

The conversation was a little barbed as i was quite angry with her to be honest and she was also quite defensive. I felt bad about being quite agitated with her so I apologized for my reaction and behaviour. I guess it was just shock. It was an easy mistake to make and we are all only human after all.

I prayed for her later as i was driving on top work but I should count my blessings really that it wasn’t worse! Had she pulled out any quicker it could have been quite messy.

Rear-Ending Shots

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It feels like only days since we got the car back from the last in incident when those chaps tore a hole in the door and then this morning as we pulled out of a motorway services car park we got Rear-Ended. The chap was very nice and simple about it – it was a straight up incident so we pulled over and exchanged details. I took some snaps and we were done in about 3 mins.

Such a faff to sort out though!







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My moped broke down AGAIN this morning. I cant bloody believe it At this point I really aint impressed!!!

Had it not been for James Lightning Speed, Mighty Strength and…………… his van, I would not have gotten my Ped home today! Thank you Mr. Pearce – WWW.KRAFTYSPAGE.CO.UK

Been a wee bit busy this week and have decided that I really wanna become a llama farmer!