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Category: Driving

  • MOT Due #POTD

    It’s that time of year again and I’ve just booked the car in for it’s M.O.T. with the garage down the road from Tearfund. The car is definitely starting to feel old so I’m hoping that it passes with relative ease. If it’s expensive that may be a problem cause with the change in the […]

  • Brokenish Car

    SO our car has been a bit on the blink recently and there’s a growing list of things that need doing to it and it makes me worry that she’s just dying a slow and soon-to-be expensive death. I could be wrong but i like the melodrama i’m generating as its matching my current mood. […]


    Maaaaaan this is getting tiresome! Can people please stop hitting vehicles we are responsible for!!!! So I was driving down Chase Road, as i do every morning at about 8:35 and i was coming up on the junction of Sunbeam Road heading north. As I approached I saw a car attempting to pull out of […]

  • Car jumping insanity

  • Rear-Ending Shots

    It feels like only days since we got the car back from the last in incident when those chaps tore a hole in the door and then this morning as we pulled out of a motorway services car park we got Rear-Ended. The chap was very nice and simple about it – it was a […]


    My moped broke down AGAIN this morning. I cant bloody believe it At this point I really aint impressed!!! Had it not been for James Lightning Speed, Mighty Strength and…………… his van, I would not have gotten my Ped home today! Thank you Mr. Pearce – WWW.KRAFTYSPAGE.CO.UK Been a wee bit busy this week and […]